Download OTR mp3s and cartoon divxs for free here or order a whole crapload on data dvds (also for free).
What's the catch? None, just pay for S/H (maybe $5) (you are welcome to send more if you appreciate my effort).
Why do this? I would like to collect more OTR (and old cartoons in DIVX format also), so if you have any, send with your order.
Why only mp3 dvds and not mp3 cds? Dvd drives are becoming standard in computers and external USB dvd drives are cheap.
If you wish to make normal audio cds from any mp3 you can do it from these with Nero or other software.
Data dvds hold 7X as much data as cds. Shipping 1/7 the discs is easier also.
Currently I have nearly 1400 OTR mp3 shows available on data dvds only (1000 mp3s per dvd).

Feel free to D/L any shows below and notify me if there are any non-working links. More to come as I get time.
Also if you hear any audible "please visit website ______ to purchase more shows" clip at the end of any show, please let me know so I can fix.
Below are also samples of old cartoons I collect, feel free to D/L or order on data DIVX dvd.
Why only DIVX? Divx compatible is becomig standard for dvd players and is already for ipods etc. and you can fit up to 10hrs on a dvd of near dvd quality on a 40'' TV screen .
The following cartoons/shows I have available for free on Divx data dvds (same stipulations as above for OTR mp3 dvds):
Tarzan (70s Filmation)
Birdman (60s)
Battle of the Planets
Jonny Quest
Blackstar (Filmation)

I am looking for on divx:
Any of the episodes of the shows above not listed
All the Bond movies
Space Ghost (not the funny crap currently on the cartoon channels)
Spiderman (original cartoon series)
Flintstones (original cartoon series)
Tom & Jerry
Inspector (from Pink Panther cartoon)

More OTR offers:
I can make custom audio cds with any shows I have including commercials between each show from around the day of the original broadcast.
Play in any cd or dvd player. 80 minutes per cd. You suggest my price and include S/H.

My email is
headcrusher at
h o t
m a i l
, c o m

OTRmp3s and divx files for download coming soon